Mythology Tattoos
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Mythology Tattoos

Since times immemorial, Greek mythology has inspired all art forms, may it be painting or sculpting and it is not at all surprising that now it has slinked into tattoo art. With a profound range of fabulous creatures, terrific tales and enchanting gods and goddesses, it has touched many people of distinct countries and cultures. A lot of them still find meaning in these tales and end up getting the myths into onto their skins. Some of the most popular designs include the Greek gods such as Apollo, Hermes, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Rahul Ghare holds great expertise in reinventing Greek mythology tattoos along with beholding their deep meanings.

Warrior With Sword Tattoo
Parshuram Tattoo
Old Warrior Tattoo
The Warrior Tattoo
The Bull Tattoo
Shiva Parvati Tattoo
Monkey Man Tattoo
Shiva Krishna Tattoo
Deadly Fighter Tattoo