Portrait Tattoos
RAHUL GHARE, Shop No 8, Park Paradise, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400102

Portrait Tattoos

Back in time, people used to carry the photographs of their loved ones in their wallets, however now, people get portrait tattoos of their loved ones on different parts of their body. They are mostly casted in a realistic or artistic way. Rahul Ghare is a seasoned tattoo artist who will have you guessing how such realism is even possible in a tattoo. His designs depict flawless ingenuity along with superb shading skills done in a vast colour palate. The portraits are as good as real exhibiting exquisite clarity and absolute perfection.

Angry Man Tattoo
Cute Baby Tattoo
Baby Thinking Tatoo
Cultures Tattoo
Mother Love Tattoo
Sad Woman Tattoo
Dog Face Tattoo
Sleeping Baby Tattoo
Smiling Baby Tattoo
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