Realism Tattoos
RAHUL GHARE, Shop No 8, Park Paradise, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400102

Realism Tattoos

Realistic style seeks to recreate the magic by replicating the real look of the images into the tattoos. Realism, in absolute contrary to old school tattoos, lacks the bold outlines and instead uses color contrasts and shading to render a realistic look to the tattoo. These tattoos very commonly depict landscapes or portraits that impersonate the fine details of a photograph. Realism tattoos are usually done in black and grey as they help in achieving significant depth in the design. Rahul Ghare masters this style of tattoo art with total excellence. The artistic details added to the realism tattoo are purely matchless and exquisite.

Man Alone Tattoo
Jesus Tattoo
Girl Mirror Tattoo
Girl Crying Tattoo
Alone Girl Tattoo
Elephant Group Tattoo
Baby Tattoo
Dragon Man Tattoo
Merge Face Tattoo