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Shiva tattoo at mumbai tattoo studioThe popularity of tattoos has risen exponentially in the last few years. Although it is a tradition that has been followed for many years in many cultures, the tattoo art form has taken a new dimension.

Rising from tradition to pop-culture and making its way to personal life stories, tattoos have made a name for themselves. The tattoo culture is being followed aggressively with many people opting for a tattoo these days. The tattoo trend that is popular worldwide shows that everyone in five adults in America has a tattoo imprinted on his/her body falling in the age group of 18-29.

Body Tattoos, Trending in India

The popularity of tattoos in the Western world has transcended to India with many adults opting for a body tattoo. Celebrities like Virat Kohli, Bani J have further made the popularity rise to new heights with their body tattoos. Catering to this rising youth population craving for a tattoo, tattoo parlours in Mumbai have started to pop-up. These tattoo parlours in Mumbai offer a plethora of tattoo designs for the clients to choose from and are designed taking care of different choices of people. Hence, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo then you will probably have multiple options from which you can select.

Choose The Best Tattoo Studio In Mumbai

If you are thinking of getting a permanent tattoo, it is necessary to know the following three things:

  • What tattoo are you getting doneby a tattoo maker in Mumbai?
    Tattoos display the kind of personality a person possesses. Thus, choosing a tattoo design is a reflection of your personality and a design that best suits your temperament and persona. Therefore, it is important to know the kind of tattoo you are about to get inked with. We, at our best parlour in Mumbai, offer innumerable tattoo designs so you get the best tattoo.
  • From whom are you getting the tattoo done?
    It is necessary to get your tattoos inked from a skilled and trained professional tattoo maker who has the best tattoo shop in Mumbai. The skills and the experience work in your favour, enabling you to get the ideal tattoo design on your body. Rahul Ghare is one of the upcoming and known faces in the tattoo industry with a tattoo shop in Mumbai.
  • From where are you getting the tattoo done?
    Needless to state that the hygiene of the place from where you get yourself inked is one of the most important factors. All the checklists for hygiene need to be followed and maintained. At best tattoo places in Mumbai, the hygiene factor is regarded as the most important facet. At Rahul Ghare's Mumbai Tattoo parlour, you will witness cleanliness, health and hygiene factors meeting the desired level.

These three things need to be addressed before you move forward with your decision of getting a permanent tattoo.

Types of Tattoo Categories

There are different types of tattoo categories, for example:

  • Realism Tattoos:
    Realism tattoos make images turn surreal in the form of a tattoo. From landscape images to portraits, fine detailing goes into achieving a realistic style tattoo. Making real images into tattoo designs is one of the skills possessed by Rahul Ghare. At our Mumbai tattoo studio, we ensure that you get the best realistic tattoo.
  • Realistic Tattoos:
    Realistic tattoos involve crafting tattoos with 3D style, taking realistic tattoos to a whole new level. Rahul Ghare’s perfection at making realistic tattoos is impeccable with years of experience.
  • Religious Tattoos:
    From creating the common religious tattoos like the Christ and Virgin Mary to crafting Chinese characters and Buddhist metaphors, religious tattoos designed and made at Rahul Ghare’s Mumbai Tattoo Parlourare the best you can come across.
  • Fantasy Tattoos:
    Fantasy tattoos make wildest imaginations come true. Designing fantasy creatures and characters like mermaids and unicorns are Rahul Ghare’s field of expertise.

Other than these, Rahul Ghare’s Mumbai Tattoo Studio provides various designs such as black and grey tattoos, mythological tattoos etc.

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Rahul Ghare has been in the industry for a long time and has gathered all the experience for designing the best tattoos of all the types of categories.

It is also important to take care once getting inked. The best tattoo designer in Mumbai provide the necessary tips and guidelines after you get the tattoo so that you have the best tattoo that garners great compliments from one and all.

Thus, amongst the Mumbai tattoo studios, our tattoo parlour is the place you should opt for getting yourself inked.

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